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Batwoman: Screencaps From The Teaser Trailer Batwoman: Screencaps From The Teaser Trailer
Screen captures from the teaser trailer for The CW television series Batwoman starring Ruby Rose Batwoman: Screencaps From The Teaser Trailer

Last week when announcing the series pickup of Batwoman, The CW also released a short teaser promo with a longer one hopefully coming this Thursday, May 16. This promo has now already been seen on the network, airing during the Arrow season finale, and has some shots of Ruby Rose as Batwoman.

Well, it’s not a lot, but we have a gallery of screen captures from that promo trailer, if you’d like to see the flowing cape, the reveal, the close-up, and then the Bat. And hopefully we’ll have a gallery of official photos later this week, so be sure to follow @BatwomanTVcom on Twitter for updates on when those come!

For now, enjoy the slide show. You can see the actual teaser promo video here.

Batwoman TV Teaser Trailer

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