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Batwoman’s Camrus Johnson Would Like To Play Batwing Batwoman’s Camrus Johnson Would Like To Play Batwing
Batwoman actor Camrus Johnson talks about Luke Fox's alter ego Batwing from the comic books. Batwoman’s Camrus Johnson Would Like To Play Batwing

When fans learned that the DC Comics character Luke Fox would be a part of Batwoman, many comic book fans immediately thought of Luke’s current role in the comic books – that as a Bat-vigilante himself, Batwing, which is a role Luke was introduced to be in back in 2013 in DC Comics.

We haven’t seen Luke put on a cowl or a suit just yet – though we might see him in a Bat-cycle soon – but with all that Luke has been doing in the Batcave and such, we couldn’t help but ask actor Camrus Johnson about all of this during a press Q&A held this afternoon by The CW. Might we see him at Batwing sooner rather than later?

“The fans are asking me about Batwing every day, and I get I get that,” Camrus said. “Batwing is an amazing character, and I want to play Batwing more than anything. He’s the one of the main reasons I said yes to this show,” he said, pointing out that he got excited to learn that it was Luke Fox because yes, he’d love to play Batwing.

“I want to [be Batwing]. I want little Black boys to dress up as me as Halloween one day. That’s a huge deal, and sidebar, the only people that have recognized me in public from this show are Black men, which is crazy and such a huge deal to me. So playing Batwing is huge,” he said.

“But the thing, is Luke Fox is also a very strong, important character,” Camrus continued. “He himself is this very genius, very heartbroken, very emotional dude. He’s a good role model to little Black kids himself. So I think even though Batwing is Luke Fox, they’re two completely different people, and I think the audience needs to gove Luke Fox a little bit more of a chance to shed all of his layers, and we can really dive into who he is, as a person. Dive into how it’s okay to feel guilt, and how it’s okay to work through going around all that stuff, and work his way and earn the suit. If we get Batwing too soon, then not only do we lose a lot of our chances to learn more about Luke, but we also get the specialness too soon.”

“But we all want Batwing he’s gonna come some day,” Johnson admitted. “He’s gonna come eventually, but I think we should we does we need to deserve him first, if that makes sense,” Camrus said.

A new episode of Batwoman airs Sunday, February 16 on The CW.


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