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Could Wallis Day Be The Next Batwoman? Could Wallis Day Be The Next Batwoman?
Batwoman TV makes the case for Wallis Day as the next Kate Kane to replace Ruby Rose. Could Wallis Day Be The Next Batwoman?

Several names have been bandied about for who should replace Ruby Rose as Batwoman for Season 2 of the series… Ruby announced she was leaving the show last week.

While some very big names like Kristen Stewart or Stephanie Beatriz have been thrown into the ring, there’s one possibility that we’d like to point out — one with a DC TV pedigree.

Wallis Day played Nyssa Vex on Syfy’s far-too-short-lived series Krypton. Nyssa had LGBTQ+ themes in her character, and Wallis’ performance got great reviews. When her name was suggested on Twitter for the role, Day herself responded that it would sound like “a dream job.”

Earlier this week, Wallis Day also addressed the fans who have been pushing for her to be cast in the role.

“Hi guys… first of all I want to address the fact that I’ve seen your tweets of love & support over the last week,” she Tweeted. “I am so humbled and truly flattered that you think of my work so fondly enough to trust me with a role so precious to so many of you… Thank you so so much.”

So what might make the former “Nyssa Vex” perfect for the new Kate Kane?

There are a few, beyond the notion that she is a great actress.

For one… look at her next to Rachel Skarsten. They truly look like they could be twin sisters. Two, some of the supposed issues Ruby Rose had, would not be present here. If long hours filming far from home are a problem, Wallis Day has done it before. If being part of a big comic book world was an issue for Ruby Rose, again, Wallis Day has been there. And she does look enough like Ruby Rose that a change would not be jarring.

Some Batwoman cast members seem to be fans of hers, as well: Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox) recently gave her a Twitter follow.

While we are not ones to gossip about an actor’s personal life, we do know producers are looking for a LGBTQ+ actress. Wallis Day has at the very least long been a friend to the community…. and she’s also been rumored to have had a girlfriend, so there’s that. Still not Jewish, though, as far as we know.

We don’t know when The CW and Warner Bros. Television will be announcing their new Batwoman. But this one might be a very, very good choice. Say tuned…


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