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Interview: Dougray Scott Talks Batwoman Interview: Dougray Scott Talks Batwoman
Dougray Scott talks about his Batwoman TV series character of Jacob Kane in a new interview with Interview: Dougray Scott Talks Batwoman

Dougray Scott is one of the big names that one can find in the cast of The CW’s Batwoman series premiering tonight (October 6) on The CW. He plays Jacob Kane, father to Ruby Rose’s Kate and a driving force between the “Crows” squad that is protecting Gotham City. Jacob lost a daughter in a wife in a horrible accident years prior, and will do anything he can to make sure bad things don’t happen again in a city where Batman failed them.’s Craig Byrne sat down with Mr. Scott to speak a bit about what we can expect from Jacob Kane in this new show based on the DC Comics series.

BATWOMANTV.COM’s CRAIG BYRNE: Can you talk about Jacob Kane’s relationship with Kate at this point of the series?

DOUGRAY SCOTT: It’s complex. There’s a history of emotional turmoil, is how I’d best describe it.

You know, it’s full of love, and compassion, that have extreme kind of highs and lows, because of the history of what happened between them, what happened with Beth, the sister, and the mother, who died on the bridge all those years ago.

I think that he’s trying to protect her, ultimately. When you lose one doctor, you certainly don’t want to lose another daughter, and I think that he’s desperate to protect her from. It’s a fragile relationship, as well.

Do you think both of them are just very stubborn?

Incredibly stubborn. But the stakes are really high. She has opinions about Gotham, and the Crows, and Alice, and the whole world, and he’s very bloody minded about how he thinks that the Gotham should be run, and he’s in charge, and it’s his world.

Throughout the course of the season, of course, he doesn’t know Batwoman is his daughter, and it becomes a very, very complex, exciting, unpredictable relationship and story, and you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen with them.

Now it’s years later, and Jacob has a new wife. Can you talk about her?

She’s from a very rich weapons and munitions family. She’s a billionaire, and her with them, they’ve formed the Crows and he runs it. She’s part of it.

What does Jacob think of Batman?

He hates him.

What does Jacob think of Batwoman?

He think’s she’s the same as Batman. Vigilantes are erratic, unpredictable, dangerous, selfish, self serving… and selective about when they get involved in the policing of Gotham, and he doesn’t want them around.

How might Jacob react if he knew his daughter was Batwoman?

I think he’d be furious! Absolutely furious, and just would not know what to do with the emotions that would rise up inside his body. His heart and soul. He would be apoplectic and volcanic, I think.

Would be even more worried for Kate if he knew?

Yeah. Think about it. Think about the life that Batman and Batwoman lead. It’s a life fraught with danger, and fragile… you’re close to death all the time. So, yeah. He’s looking at the prospect of his other daughter dying, and he doesn’t really want her to die. I don’t think he’d be very happy.

Do you know how much Jake knows about where Bruce Wayne might be?

I don’t know. As far as he’s concerned, he’s abandoned Gotham. He gave up, a drunken mess. Good riddance. He doesn’t know where he is.

Do you know anything about the history between Jake and Bruce Wayne in the past?

I know that they didn’t see eye to eye, and that they were at loggerheads. He certainly doesn’t miss him.

A few decades ago, you were the first choice for Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Did you think you were always destined to be part of a comic book project?

I didn’t know. I mean, that was 20 years ago, and I think that Hugh [Jackman] did a really good job. It was weirdly something that I didn’t want to do anyway. I really resisted it, and I turned it down twice, and then they kind of persuade him that it was okay, and then obviously, I couldn’t do because of MI:2.

But, no, I didn’t know. Listen, I love doing this. This is good. And my philosophy with any job is that you have to enjoy the moment and not worry or think about or what it is.

When I go on set and enjoy talking to the makeup people, or the costume people, or my actors who are the nicest cast, I think I’ve ever worked with in my life. Wow. I mean, sounds like a cliche, but they are. They’re really nice. It’s a joy to come in on set. I’m enjoying playing this character because he is a he’s a very complex… exhausting, sometimes as a tough, tough, tough, and then he has all tese emotional reactions in the past to the present, and the situations that he’s faced with and how he deals with it… I’m really enjoying playing him, and exploring him. Today is good.

Can you talk about the threat that Alice puts towards Gotham?

She’s a psychopath, but she’s clever and smart. And she has a dangerous band of villains around her. He knows how dangerous she is, and she has to be deal with. She does cause a huge risk for Gotham.

Is there anything that seems familiar about her to him?

His opinion about changes throughout the course of the episodes. In the beginning, he feels no affinity with her whatsoever.

What was your reaction when you first read the Batwoman pilot script?

Oh, I really liked it. David Nutter who was originally directing called me, and said “listen, we really want you to play this character.” He said it was written for me, with me in mind, and Warner’s were all like “we want you to play this guy.” I read it, and I loved it. I thought it was really good. It was a really, really well written script.

How does Jacob get along with this new stepdaughter?

He gets on fine with her. She’s terrified of him, but he likes her.

But does he have any trouble letting her in, considering his past tragedies?

Yeah. Jacob has trouble letting anyone in. His coping mechanism after his first wife and daughter died, built an even stronger emotional repelling wall around him than was there before. It was already pretty tough.

Can you talk about how important it is to have a series like this with a very different kind of lead actor?

I think in this day and age, it is imperative. You need a shining beacon of diversity and acceptability, and so, for a series like this to have an example of a positive role model — if you can call Batman or Batwoman a positive role model — is important. And especially since she’s gay, and she’s a woman, it’s great. I think it’s so good for these young kids out there who may be struggling to come out, that they go, “hey, look, we have a superhero who’s a great example.” She represents something that is positive and accepting and is a possibility of what the world may offer in the years to come.

What are you most looking forward for fans to see from the show?

I think they will be surprised by the complexity of the storylines and the relationships between the characters and how dark it can get as well. I mean, it’s a comic book, sure. So you have all the action, but the themes that we explore are pretty dark. It’s a very emotional show. I hope they love it.

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