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Who Plays Bruce Wayne on Batwoman? Who Plays Bruce Wayne on Batwoman?
Warren Christie has been cast in the role of Bruce Wayne on Batwoman. Who Plays Bruce Wayne on Batwoman?

SPOILER WARNING for the Batwoman Season 1 finale, “O, Mouse!”

In tonight’s (May 17) season finale of Batwoman, we finally got a look at what Bruce Wayne looks like in that world, even if it is Tommy Elliot/Hush wearing his face, as it were.

And who is that man?

Warren Christie is the actor that was cast as the alter ego of Batman. If he looks a little familiar, it’s because he was in the Arrowverse before, as “Carter Bowen” in the Arrow episode “Legacies.”

Speaking to Decider, Batwoman Executive Producer Caroline Dries talked a bit about what made Warren Christie the man with Bruce Wayne’s face?

“First and foremost, it’s like: well who’s Bruce Wayne? Because he has to look exactly like him,” Dries explained. “So we needed to cast a Bruce Wayne. Then, the sort of secondary requirement, apart from obviously being a great actor, is: does he sort of physically resemble what Tommy Elliot’s body would look like?”

“We needed to find somebody who was the same size, height-wise and body-wise. Yhat’s sort of like a secondary thing, but it worked out with Warren too. But the fact of the matter is, I would’ve made any allowance, in my mind, once I saw Warren Christie’s name on the list. I was like, ‘Okay, this feels like who our Bruce Wayne would be’,” she continued.

“The actor, so far we’ve only seen him act as Hush,” she explained about Christie’s portrayal. “He hasn’t been Bruce Wayne yet. So what the actual actor brings to the table is this ability to switch on and off. That’s really a difficult thing to do within a scene. And basically play two characters at once. He’s incredibly talented in that regard. And then the actual character of Bruce Wayne, or who we think is Bruce Wayne, is going to sort of need to be incredibly cunning and savvy as he comes face-to-face with these people who know him intimately. So Tommy needs to be a good actor himself.”

(As for Bruce Wayne, we did see him in one world – Earth-99 – in Crisis on Infinite Earths, where an older Bruce was played by the legendary Kevin Conroy. Let’s never forget that!)

Batwoman Season 2 premieres in January 2021 on The CW, for those who want to see what happens next! The entire first season will be available to stream very soon.


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